Sunday, August 21, 2005


Friend of my wife
1) “No thank you I was told by my herbalist in 1968 that I mustn’t eat cauliflower “(advice which has obviously stood the test of time)
2) On a local asking for the ‘ hand in marriage of a lady acquaintance; “Well she might as well he’s had everything else” (Meeow!)

Overheard mother of my wife.
1) “ I meant to ask her how she was getting on with those buckets” (I did not feel inclined to ask what she intended doing with the buckets – one is usually sufficient for my purposes)
2) “Do you remember when I had those legs?” (She still has them so far as I can see)

Overheard Aunt of my wife
1) “Anyway she’s having nothing that’s got a carcass on it” (a fashionable form of vegetarianism?)
2) “They are both poorly him and her they asked “S” where they could get a cooked chicken for Christmas” (Oh the humanity!)
3) “She’s crippled with the wheelchair” (cause and effect?)

Overheard in a Dunster teashop.
“Ill get the coffees dear – Id like to do more but your mother pays tax and I don’t”


1) on his encounter with a local streaker; “ Well I can tell you he wasn’t doing it for the excitement”
2) Lady ambulance medic to gentleman who had been taken ill in Church presumably she was trying to empathise. “Whats the matter love – didn’t you pray hard enough?”
Vicar ; “What do you mean he is alive isn’t he?”

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"I haven't sat down since I got up." former mrs ink