Thursday, May 03, 2007

Going to work on a Walrus

Just sent this to BBC Breakfast TV
Dear Sirs,
Why were your presenters so emphatic about the walrus tusk your guest brought on being a 'replica'?
It clearly wasn’t a replica as during the first session the guest said “you can see how many thousands (of these animals/tusks) must have been taken as I have got one" Shall I submit this to Harry Hill I wonder?
You then repeated the lie in the next session insisting it was a replica. This time your guest was careful to go along with you and I presume had been warned. For goodness sake you are supposed to be a news programme not some department of social engineering. Report do not manipulate!
Your programme is as bad and I mean bad as GMTV. It is a case of parallel evolution. For goodness sake Sky of all people are better than you. Ill be glad when they bring back Lazy Town on BBC 2 as that will give me something decent to watch of a morning while I delay getting ready for work.
Douglas Mcleod