Thursday, May 03, 2007

Going to work on a Walrus

Just sent this to BBC Breakfast TV
Dear Sirs,
Why were your presenters so emphatic about the walrus tusk your guest brought on being a 'replica'?
It clearly wasn’t a replica as during the first session the guest said “you can see how many thousands (of these animals/tusks) must have been taken as I have got one" Shall I submit this to Harry Hill I wonder?
You then repeated the lie in the next session insisting it was a replica. This time your guest was careful to go along with you and I presume had been warned. For goodness sake you are supposed to be a news programme not some department of social engineering. Report do not manipulate!
Your programme is as bad and I mean bad as GMTV. It is a case of parallel evolution. For goodness sake Sky of all people are better than you. Ill be glad when they bring back Lazy Town on BBC 2 as that will give me something decent to watch of a morning while I delay getting ready for work.
Douglas Mcleod


Icedink said...

I saw some of that programme this morning and thought the whole thing was dreadful. Some daft bint was gobbing off about the dangers of going out in the sun. The TV was only on because the gas man was in the kitchen where we normally have breakfast with the radio on. Switched the TV over to the digital channels and found the Today programme. Oooh, bliss.

FBT said...

hey there Macduff, I'm going to be in your neck of the woods in July, for a wedding at Llangoed Hall. I assume it is your neck of the woods, because looking at I notice a place nearby called Boughrood.