Friday, October 28, 2005


It is quite extraordinary that the police can shoot an innocent man 7 times in the head and still manage to ‘tough it out’.
Blair by name Blair by nature.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Big Bang and Roast Beef

As from deepest space there comes to us the earliest sign of the fiery birth of the universe, the remnants of ‘Big Bang’, the ‘singularity’, so too I notice the smell of Sunday roast in the far extremities of the house long after it has disappeared from the kitchen and the dinning room.
The two events are connected.
I don’t mean that my Sunday lunch was simply implicit in the starting point of matter/energy at the birth of the universe and the underlying rules which governed it’s evolution. I mean that analogy is how we think not an aid to thinking.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


In 1956 Ladywell Recreation Ground had been known as such for 56 years or so.
50 years later and I saw today that they now call the same place Ladywell Fields.
4 syllable words are obviously too much for the modern day dweller of Lewisham & Catford.
Ladywell itself has 3 syllables and surely cannot survive.
Perhaps it will become first Lady Fields, and then, because Fields are a bit of a difficult concept in Lewisham, just plain Bitch Pitch

Friday, October 07, 2005

Harvest Festival

This the first week in October and I decided to go on a 5 day diet of my own invention, one which studiously avoided any connection with anything to do with the bogus science of nutrition. The diet consisted of a random Pot Noodle for lunch and a more specific Bombay Bad Boy for tea. If still hungry I decided that apples were probably OK and so I bought a bag of bramley cooking apples from Sommerfields.
The diet went fine but on Thursday night I found that the Bombay Bad Boy was insufficient to curb my appetite and so I went off in search of the bramley apples which Ann had ‘put away’ somewhere. In the garage I found 3 beautiful looking apples, seeming a little bigger than I remembered, grouped together on a sideboard.
I ate one and found it delicious – cooking apples taste much better than ‘eating’ apples. I do realise that cooking apples and Pot Noodles may be a little advanced for the squeamish.
Half an hour later I went into the garage again and ate another one.
Today it is Friday 7th October and tonight is the Harvest Festival and Ann is extremely annoyed that of the 3 special apples she had bought for a Church decoration, carefully laid out in a practice arrangement in the garage, only one remains.
I appear to have eaten a Church window.