Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Big Bang and Roast Beef

As from deepest space there comes to us the earliest sign of the fiery birth of the universe, the remnants of ‘Big Bang’, the ‘singularity’, so too I notice the smell of Sunday roast in the far extremities of the house long after it has disappeared from the kitchen and the dinning room.
The two events are connected.
I don’t mean that my Sunday lunch was simply implicit in the starting point of matter/energy at the birth of the universe and the underlying rules which governed it’s evolution. I mean that analogy is how we think not an aid to thinking.


Elephant Girl said...

Analogy is definitely a very important part of our thinking processes, and vital in expressing the end result to others if we need to.

MacDuff said...

Dear EG
thank you for dropping in.
Tell me does the Woolwich Ferry still run and is it still free or has it been privatised?
Is Manze's? , I think it was called, Pie & Eel shop still there and do they still slaughter them in the window?
Woolwich was very exciting at Christmas time I remember.

Kara Alison said...

I agree on the use of analogy. It seems that it's actually an essential tool in learning and teaching. We use it to comprehend concepts that we'll never experience through the comparison to everyday events.

I also love the idea of roast beef smelling up an entire house...mmmm...

MacDuff said...

I suspect it is more than that even -that thought is a series of analogies peculiar to the person thinking the thought. I wont say more than that because I might well have pinched and corrupted by incorrectly remembering somebody elses idea but it feels right.