Friday, October 07, 2005

Harvest Festival

This the first week in October and I decided to go on a 5 day diet of my own invention, one which studiously avoided any connection with anything to do with the bogus science of nutrition. The diet consisted of a random Pot Noodle for lunch and a more specific Bombay Bad Boy for tea. If still hungry I decided that apples were probably OK and so I bought a bag of bramley cooking apples from Sommerfields.
The diet went fine but on Thursday night I found that the Bombay Bad Boy was insufficient to curb my appetite and so I went off in search of the bramley apples which Ann had ‘put away’ somewhere. In the garage I found 3 beautiful looking apples, seeming a little bigger than I remembered, grouped together on a sideboard.
I ate one and found it delicious – cooking apples taste much better than ‘eating’ apples. I do realise that cooking apples and Pot Noodles may be a little advanced for the squeamish.
Half an hour later I went into the garage again and ate another one.
Today it is Friday 7th October and tonight is the Harvest Festival and Ann is extremely annoyed that of the 3 special apples she had bought for a Church decoration, carefully laid out in a practice arrangement in the garage, only one remains.
I appear to have eaten a Church window.


jane said...

I should imagine that Bombay Bad Boy's and cooking apples are rather a volatile mixture...

MacDuff said...

Yes they are. I was very pleased with my local Spa because after 5 days there were no more Bombay Bad Boys left but the management had noticed this run on the Bombay Bad Boys ( as opposed to the runs after the Bombay Bad Boy)and quickly got some in. Sadly I have now abandoned this diet as it didnt seem to work.