Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lost Birds

I cant find this song anywhere on the net and so repeat it here in the hope that somebody might recognise it. If you do let me know. It was sung in Junior School (Lee Manor) round about 1955!

We are the Cocky Ollie birds in red and blue and gold
We come to earth in penny trays our purpose to be sold
Our little legs are stiff and straight we cannot move a limb
Our voices loud and we are proud and still we always sing
Cocky Ollie Cocky Ollie Cocky Ollie Oh’


Anonymous said...

My partner, Wendy Johnson (nee Rafford)used to sing this song at Ashford (Kent)High School for Girls in the 1950s.

MacDuff said...

I am glad to find somebody else who recognises it! She doesn't remember any of the other words does she?
Did she learn it in the High school or in the Junior school?

Anonymous said...

I remember this song from junior school too - about 1955. I was just searching for it and found this comment. As far as I remember there was a bit that went: 'We leave our home in (toyland?) with you to come and play, so turn you round and turn you round and catch whom you may'. I can remember the tune but just not all the words. It often comes to mind though! Happy days x

MacDuff said...

Yes your recollection of these extra words feels right to me. Let me know if you find any more. I remember the tune too which is quite curious as I was the only one in the class instructed by the teacher to just mime during the school concert, I was such an awful singer.

Karen Baildon said...

I remember this song well from Junior School (Seymour Park in Manchester) I have been searching for the lyrics for years and only found your blog through a Google search and no other references. Did we all dream it?

Riley said...

I remember Cocky Ollie from children's TV. Specifcally I remember that Cocky Ollie was a character on a show with Peter Butterworth.

Dr Jane Evans said...

My Mum remembers this song from the early 1930s too!Cheshire.