Friday, February 17, 2006

Paranoia time again

Consider this syllogism
1) We should emulate the brave.
2) Suicide bombers must be brave.
3) Therefore we should emulate suicide bombers.
The conclusion must be true if the two premises are true.
Neither premise 1 nor premise 2 are illegal thoughts and they may be freely held by anybody.
However the conclusion 3 is soon to be made illegal.
Is this not ridiculous nonsense?

There is a lot to be said for being a Viking, raping and pillaging etc
Personally I would not care if somebody did blow up Tony Blair.

All of this becomes unsayable with the stupid ‘glorification’ law.

What films will no longer be shown, what books will be censored, what works of art withdrawn because of this moronic tosh? There will certainly be an effect.
The BBC has already censored The Goon Show of all things for political incorrectness – maybe we shall never hear the real thing again as they are entrusted with the recordings.
When will the first council start withdrawing Robin Hood from the shelves?

My wife‘s Aunt, who reads the newspapers, tells me that they are going to go through our dustbins and make sure that we are recycling and if they find a tin can in the paper only bag we are going to be fined £1,000. She is terrified. Me I just shrug my shoulders and adopt the pose an Anti- Blair resistance fighter (or terrorist) and plan my next act of defiance. I have horded 3 Tetley beer cans which I intend to lay like an explosive charge in the black kitchen refuse sack tonight. But I must get past the guard (Ann) first without alerting her.

And as for ID cards………………….


FBT said...

The British do seem to be remarkably supine when it comes to the giving up of their ancient hard-won rights and liberties - Trial by jury? Right to silence? Innocent until proven guilty? Habeas corpus? Perhaps they have had these protections too long to remember why they were ever important. I don't know if it is because they trust their rulers not to abuse their increasing powers. Or because - in spite of the exponential "improvement" in GCSE and A level scores - they are too ignorant to understand what is being done.

MacDuff said...

'The exponential improvement in GCSE and A level scores' shows a quantum leap forward in intelligence for our British young. A genetic mutation that may one day save the world yet again.
In a recent democratic exercise they elected Chantelle their leader.
I thought Chantelle was a sort of yellow mushroom but it seems she is the new Britannia.

MacDuff said...

Actually now I think of it fbt when you say 'Trial by jury? Right to silence? Innocent until proven guilty? Habeas corpus' - I realise I haven't noticed them all slipping away. Have we got anything left - I cant remember - Im getting old.

FBT said...

They haven't slipped away - yet, apart from Right to Silence, I think. But attempts have been made. What is an ID card requirement, but a requirement that you have to prove your innocence, rather than them having to prove your guilt?