Thursday, March 02, 2006


Who says we in the insurance industry dont have sense of humour.
The following from Rod Gibson in Brokers forum
'The Balloon family are asleep in bed. Baby Balloon wakes up and decides to get in bed with his mum and dad.

He can't get in so he lets a little bit of air out of his mum.

He still can't get in, so lets a little bit of air out of his dad.

He still can't get in so he lets a lot of air out of himself.

In the morning his parents wake up and are really cross that he got out of bed.

His dad says “I'm really disappointed Son, you've let your mum down, you've let me down, but worst of all you've let yourself down”'


icedink said...

Yes, yes, Macduff, very nice. A variant on the inflatable schoolboy ticked off by the inflatable headmaster in front of his inflatable classmates can guess the rest. More jokes, please.

MacDuff said...

Is it a very, very old one then?
Since we stopped taking the Readers Digest I dont see/hear may jokes and my word power has decreased alarmingly.

MacDuff said...

Not to mention my spelling.
May = Many