Friday, April 07, 2006

Kingsclere murders

I bought an old Daily Herald dated November 11 1944 , cost 1d.
On the back page down the bottom was this curious story, and I dont mean the 'Double dried egg allocation'. 9 US soldiers jailed for life for murder most foul.
How come it occupied such a small paragraph on the back page? Even in these days of depravity it would make banner headlines.
I looked it up on the internet and found that in fact it was only the Daily Herald that reported it , the whole story had been hushed up.
Details of the event can be found here


Caerphilly said...

Fascinating stuff. I was more intrigued by the 'sweet' Fanny Adams summary in the link. This is an expression many of us will have used in the mode of 'sweet F A' but I never realised the background. What a gruesome story.

MacDuff said...

When I have to fill in forms and they ask for 'position' I like to put F.A. because I work for an independent financial adviser but as I work for him I dont think I am 'independent'

icedink said...

Very interesting little snippet. I like looking at old newspapers's alway good to see the way stories were written and how they did the headlines. I think they compare very favourably with the "modern" school.

Bertie said...

The Times reported this.

MacDuff said...

It seems odd that neither of the reports (of the reports) that I have seen mention the Times which I would have thought was more 'mentionable' than the Daily Herald.

Anonymous said...

Yep the Times November 11th 1944, page 2

MacDuff said...

I will look out for this. Cant find any confirmation on the internet after a brief look.
The pdf document below doesnt mention the Times but does imply that the Herald was exceptional in reporting an incident that was otherwise covered up.
How did the Times report compare with the Heralds?