Monday, January 01, 2007


New Year started badly. Toilet wouldn't flush. Drain blocked.
Travelled 28 miles to Merthyr B&Q and bought a set of rods.
Didn't help and the plunger dropped off in the pipe.
Had to lie flat on the ground and stick my arm up to recover it.
The professionals sneered at my incompetence and agreed to come round and fix it tomorrow. There then followed between me and Ann a risk assessment of the coming 24 hours and possible contingency arrangements involving a bucket and her Aunt who lives in the next village but who goes to bed at 7.30pm.
Then had shower and noticed Homer Simpson soap on a rope Christmas present.
Decided to use but on applying to my body his head immediately fell off leaving a jagged edge upon which jagged edge I severely bruised my left nipple.

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