Monday, February 12, 2007

Cheese Mission

There are many little peculiarities in border speak.
Ann asked me to get some cheese from the village shop Saturday. “..and be sure to ask for the tasty cheese”.
The following shop conversation ensued.
“Oh and could I have some cheese?”
Ivy replies “ Do you want the tasty cheese Doug?”
“yes please but what would happen if somebody said to you – please don’t make it the tasty cheese, I cant stand tasty cheese”
Ivy “then they would have the mild cheese”.
At last I got it.


FBT said...

What do you ask for if you don't want strong cheese? - I'll have the tasteless cheese pls.

MacDuff said...

Nothing to do with cheese but have a look at I think this is where I am heading - I am almost there now.

FBT said...

Definitely suffering from a slight case of the Victor Meldrews methinks.