Monday, February 11, 2008

Fish, chips, peas and the Big Issue

Two top hole eating experiences in two days !!
Today it was British Home Stores Newport – fish chips and peas at £5.25.
A bit more pricey than the Bell Hotel and the extra 50p probably reflected the more sophisticated lifestyle of a big city like Newport.
The Big Issue seller was himself from Newport and had a great line in patter.
‘Big issue love? Go on buy it - take it home - sling it in the recycling if you like.’
He worked very hard and I sat watching him while Ann was wandering round Marks.
I calculated that only about 1 in 40 bought despite him working constantly and with an original script. He deserved much more and in another selling environment he would have been top man without too much trouble.
The Big Issue seller in Llandod and the one in Brecon appear to be East Europeans and one is tempted to ask whether their homeless are doing our homeless out of their birthright.


Neutron said...

Fish, chips and peas...god...I woulod murder for that right now...

That's not the Newport that used to be on the A41 is it?

MacDuff said...

I dont think so Newport Gwent - near Cardiff. The 'Capital Car park' was the grottiest place imaginable but otherwise a worthwhile experience.

Julie said...

Our 'New Age' Big Issue seller had competition for a while from an Eastern European seller, but someone appears to have seen the young usurper off now. He had his mother or grandmother with him, to boot. And many gold crowns (in his mouth). It was all rather disconcerting, for Monmouth, where the existence of the New Age seller had, till then, seemed outrageous, but now he is looked upon with kindly indulgence for being only 'eccentric' rather than also 'foreign'.

I am sure they have cleaned up that Newport car park very recently - it used to be much, much worse. It's a sadly dirty place, Newport, and especially so since the refuse collections were made fortnightly. It smells horrible whenever the sun comes out and so unsightly and depressing with wheelie bins overflowing outside the houses.