Saturday, March 01, 2008

At least you could eat the Eloi

I have just signed up to Bebo just to read what the local youth are up to.
God they are morons and it is worse than I imagined.
I was prepared to grant for the sake of argument that writing in text –speak might have some merit that I could not yet appreciate; but it has none its an illusion adding nothing to ideas and dropping much. If you are going to write in an abbreviated way then why write ‘is’ as ‘iz’ ? What is saved? What is the different shade of meaning?
They have nothing to say it is almost all about their gr8 m8s etc. At least when the human race degenerated in the ‘Time Machine’ they provided a bit of fodder for the Morlocks.


Icedink said...

Bebo? Blimey, Mac, are you feeling OK? Need a lie down?

MacDuff said...

Only for research purposes!

Julie said...

I have done MySpace and Facebook, and that was bad enough. I thought nothing could be worse than MySpace but you've got my curiosity now.