Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kent News

The Rev Canon James Tipp, 63, received the life-long ban after abandoning his wife and his Snodland parish in February 2008 to set up home with Elaine Northern, 54.

Northern was given a 12-year ban for her part in the scandal, which left the congregation at Christ Church stunned.

At a disciplinary hearing, Mr Tipp, who was also Rural Dean of Cobham, received the life ban because of his higher level of responsibility.

The father-of-two has hit out at the ban, citing the case of Rev Teresa Davies who was barred for just 12 years after holding church services while drunk and having sexual intercourse with strangers.

One can imagine the Reverend Davies after the service.
“so did you like the shervice service ?..shorry.. sorry about that little buishness , bishness, business with the wine – tell me are you just passing through?”

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