Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Only half a cup of team for me.

Spent Christmas with son and girlfriend. The first Christmas Ann has not had to do and she was ecstatic. I feel a lot better than I usually do 3 days after Christmas too as I did eat so much. Not because of lack of opportunity but because I didn't want to appear too much of a pig in someone elses house. Sometimes this unatural restraint backfires badly on me. I still have nightmares about an event which occured 15 years or so ago while staying with friends. "Would you like some bacon and eggs?" they enquired.
"No thanks a piece of toast is fine", I said, feeling that I must not put them to any trouble. They duly produced the toast but then went on to cook themselves a full english! I was devasted, this was an appalling lack of judgement on my part.
Anns mother, back of head in picture, has a nice little ploy that she frequently uses. " Just half a cup of tea for me please" as if this request saved the host either time or fortune. If we eat in a café the obligatory roast its "Just a small meal for me you always give us far too much". I feel like throttling her on such occassions as it is cardinal rule in my book that you never ever, ever, ever, tell a restaurant their meals are too big.


icedink said...

a welcome return...i thought you'd been kidnapped by elves.

MacDuff said...

I read a film review for the film Elf which I rather liked the look of over Christmas.
The reviewers favorite line apparently was a rebuke to an in store Santa Claus;
" You are seated on a throne of lies!"
By the way I had an email from elephant girl. She has withdrawn her blog for fear of causing embarrassment!???. I shall now have to search for another Woolwich/ Wiggenstein site.

icedink said...

sorry to hear that.. i don't think eg had anything to worry about. it was a v good blog. candour is her middle name.