Monday, December 12, 2005

What is the Wold Coming to?

Stow in the Wold 11th December 2005. England is just about full now.
I'd be all in favour of a cull but for the fact that I would probably qualify for the list.


FBT said...

what a contrast with the postcard of Llyswen, which I have become very familiar with over the past few days. I was about to ask if you were ever intending to post to your blog again.

MacDuff said...

Are you in charge of enforcing targets at the bank by any chance?
Once while working for the awful Pearl Assurance and failing to meet my target I and three other failures were ‘treated’ by the management to what I think they called a ‘Flabogram’.It may be too late to sue them now for sexual harassment but It would have been an open and shut case.

FBT said...

oh, dear, you've rumbled me. I am indeed a bit of a control freak, although not in relation to sales targets. We do not have Flabograms in the bank. We respect our employees' personal dignity. Also it had never occurred to us, as all our creativity, imagination and humour is sucked out of us during management trainee induction.