Monday, May 01, 2006

Experiment with Church Hall

Don't bother to play this unless youve got broadband and are exceptionally bored.
This is just an experiment by me to see if I could get it on to the blog.
The Boughrood & Llyswen new Church Hall opened today.


icedink said...

Ooooh, very good. Wouldn't mind knowing how you did that, Macduff. I was talking about getting film clips inserted today with Mr Beastly and we couldn't really figure it out.

MacDuff said...

If you go to you can join for free. You then upload the film clip and it is 'hosted' by youtube. You then copy some HTML code that they give you and paste it into your new post. The film is then run from the youtube location should somebody seeing it on your site wish to run it.

icedink said...

Thanks, M