Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lie in at the Home Office

2,000 people wrongly labled as criminals

The Home office says it makes "no apology for erring on the side of caution"
Interesting statement. Gives the impression that these were not errors at all.
If what they say is true then there should be no cases of the third type ie convicted criminals who were missed by this process. I bet there are good few of these too and the "no apology for erring on the side of caution" line is just a bit of opportunism like John Reid's catching of the illegal immigrants on their 'first' visit to the Home Office.

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icedink said...

It quite took my breath away, that "making no apology" statement. What are we coming to? I should think "Dr" Reid will this morning be cutting chunks off the poor little press spokesman who said it.