Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ive got tooth ache and wondered why we had nerves in the teeth or rather what evolutionary advantage does having nerves in teeth give.
All I could find was this exchange on the net.

I had to have my nerve removed from my tooth today and wondered why we have them. I had suffered awful toothache since xmas eve, its ok now but why are teeth so troublesome?

Salamanda Wed 04/01/06 22:22

its like any part of the body...how would we know there was anything wrong with the tooth if there were no nerves to tell us? I think that must be the reason. If there is a big hole in your tooth that needs a filling, you know because it it painful. Can't think of any other reason! Maybe someone call tell us

Wed 04/01/06

So that’s the answer it is to remind us to go to the Dentist.


FBT said...

We would be better evolved if there was pain only up to a certain point ie the pain comes, it gets your attention and stays till you do something, but it doesn't become unbearable.

MacDuff said...

Perhaps we could evolve a reset button like on the fire alarm in our office which goes off everytime the girl in the flat above us cooks anything. Some people should be banned from bringing food into their own houses never mind guest houses!