Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not enough pearls before the swine

15000 police officers marching for more pay.
I don’t think they are going to get much sympathy this time.
Ive been trying to think of something commendable they’ve done in the last 12 months but I cant.


Icedink said...

i was listening to something about this on the car radio and the thought struck me that if 15000 can march in london - the bbc website as of a minute ago reports the tally at more than 18000 - who the hell is out there detecting crime? how many police do we need in a country of 60 million souls, how many are there, and how much do their pensions cost (I'm hoping you can tell me) as a proportion of gdp. On the other hand, if there is an independent pay review body, and if it makes a certain recommendation, who are ministers to ignore it - they can't have it both ways either. Another symptom, I'm afraid, of an ailing society with too many people being paid from the public purse rant rant rant.

MacDuff said...

Just my opinion of course but
they don’t deserve 1.9% - they are dangerously useless - Id sooner pay protection money ,as we probably all will eventually.