Monday, April 28, 2008

No wonder I am so cheerful

Saturday before last we were sitting in Oscars at Hay on Wye having a coffee. As I sat there I remembered that an ex customer named Adrian lived round the corner. I hadn’t seen him or even thought about him for 10 years but 3 days earlier he had suddenly come into my head. Adrian was a good musician and I thought he would be the one to recommend a local band or DJ or whatever they call them as we were going to need one. So I said to the others “I am just going out to have a word with my friend he knows all about local music – that’s if he isn’t dead” As soon as I said it there was a terrific bang in the otherwise practically deserted restaurant like something toppling over and crashing to the ground. I got to the house and his son answered the door and you can guess the rest. Adrian had suddenly and unexpectedly died 3 days earlier.
I don’t myself attach any supernatural explanation to this but he was younger than me and it gave me the rather unpleasant idea that my life was like being in an enormous queue , sometimes standing for ages in a single spot , sometimes shuffling forward a few paces. With Adrians death I fancied the queue moved a bit faster for a bit longer and I think I might have caught a glimpse at last of the counter to come and something behind it.


Neutron said...

Like the queue analogy...I just hope no one in mine queues like the Greeks!

Julie said...

Oh, dear - poor Adrian. Don't panic, though, can't move for queue jumpers these days. :-)