Monday, January 16, 2006

Bankers !

I think the Grand National took place in March, I know nothing about horse racing, and I never bet on anything because I don’t like loosing.
But this once I thought I would try an online bookmaker as this was a novelty.
I think I may have had a subconscious vision of winning a £10 bet and then going on to create a vast financial empire solely from these winnings.
I placed a small bet and entered my Citi Bank credit card details.
But the computer said “No”.
So I rang Citi Bank to see what the problem was and they said that there was no problem with the card it’s just that they , Citi Bank, didn’t like what I was trying to pay for.
I paid the outstanding balance on the card , about £20 and told them to stick their card, returning it to them shredded.
Ever since then , every month, I receive a statement from them showing 50p owing.
It’s been 9 months so far. I wonder how long they will continue to send these it should prove interesting.


FBT said...

I had no idea Citi were so puritanical. It's that American Prohibitionist streak. I hope you have switched to a sensible British bank - oh, say, HSBC - who do not care what you do with your own money as long as it is legal.

MacDuff said...

What have you done with tlon?
She was my favorite!
fbt doesnt have the same ring to it and everybody needs a vowell.

FBT said...

Don't worry, I will probably change it again in a minute. Although I quite like fbt, which I imagine is how you would spell a raspberry.