Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fishermans Friend

Had a sore throat - couldnt find any Fishermans Friends - got them muddled up with 'Victory V' - found Fishermans Friends Web site and asked them where I could buy them and have they been fiddling with the formulation. They replied and said where I could get them including Boots and they said 'No' they had not been fiddling with the formulation.
I then reply as follows;

Thanks for the full reply.
Glad to see its still going strong. Found some in the
end at the village shop!.
I had previously tried Boots, one of the most useless
companies I have ever dealt with, and they said they
hadnt any and pointed me towards their own products
for sore throats. I told them Id rather have something
that worked and strangely they lost interest.! What I
dislike about Boots in particular is that you buy a
packet of Aspro Clear and some jaded pharmacist
appears from behind the counter and enquires in a
voice more suitable to a knackered stripper starting
her 23rd song and dance of the evening whether you
have ever taken Asprin before! I am 60 years old for
Gods sake. Just before Christmas I was going in to
Boots to purchase two sets of ear plugs as a half kind
of joke for my son and his girlfriend with whom we were
going to stay as apparently I snore. I was waiting
for the line 'Have you ever used ear plugs before?' to
which I was determined to reply 'Well I rather thought
I would stick them up my arse'. Unfortunately my well
rehearsed performance had to be cancelled because my
wife bought them elsewhere. But some day I will give
thanks for your help.
Douglas Mcleod

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icedink said...

yes, the person on the counter always holds up the packet, in the style of a football referee showing a yellow card, and presses a buzzer or bell hidden from view to attract the attention of the pharmacist. apropos of that, the thing that gets me is the girls on the checkout at tesco who ask "Do you want any help packing?" when you've just dropped in for a paper and a sandwich. Arrrrgh!