Saturday, January 07, 2006

A question of Etiquette

Bit of a moral dilema here. We received a normal Christmas Card from one of Ann's friends but inside it contained this note. Should I send them £1.21 and cross them off of next years card list or just cross them off the card list. I dont think it says much either for Anns friend or the Post Office come to that.
When we had next doors dog for an evening it chewed through the kitchen door but we wouldn't have dreamed of saying anything. Likewise the post office, I remember writing letters from London for delivery in Brighton and getting a reply the next morning. The lazy buggers these days when they do turn up go through tremendous feats of advanced driving to avoid getting out of their vans at all as if prolonged direct contact with terra firma was destroying their life force.


icedink said...

a sharp intake of breath at such rudeness and pettiness. i should pay the money to the post office imbeciles and cross your wife's "friend" off the list for next year. what an appalling thing to write to her.

FBT said...

I second that. Talk about missing the point of Christmas.

Kara Alison said...

Wow...I am surprised. Aren't you British folk supposed to be polite? (that's a little joke, sort of...)

Yeah, I'd say send the money to as to avoid stooping to their level.