Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Its the way he tells them

I have just this minute returned from a funeral in the village, the deceased was an ex publican of the same turn of mind as myself. His death followed very quickly after the initial diagnosis of his illness and was a shock to everyone.
The first hymn was ‘Abide with me’ and was followed by the 23rd Psalm.
The Vicar then came to the pulpit and began in solemn voice the eulogy.
“ We are gathered here to celebrate the life of a miserable old bugger……”
You could almost hear the deceased laughing – that’s what I call vicaring.


FBT said...

I like your vicar. I think Henry Fielding would have liked him too.

MacDuff said...

I thought he was going to be performing at that Llangoed ceremony you attended - they often use Llyswen Church for weddings.

FBT said...

unfortunately the couple in question think that they don't believe in God.