Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unecessary signs and unecessary companies

Went to visit Anns Aunt in Bronllys hospital. Excellent place, they even allow the patient’s pets to visit, but under the usual threats of extinction..
Fine location too with the Black Mountains close by.
Unfortunately they too seem to be getting the taste for unnecessary signs, here is one requesting the car driver not to drive his car through the flower bed. I am so glad that I saw it in time and was able to avoid tearing up a strip right down the middle.

Earlier today I wanted to get some chocolate for diabetics and knowing that the loathsome Boots advertise a full range of such products I called in despite having vowed never to go near them again since they wouldn’t let me have a packet of Aspro Clear without unwanted advice from their pharmacist. When I got to the head of the queue I asked, without hope, if they had any chocolate for diabetics.
She looked rather shifty and said “We don’t sell it the Welsh Diabetic Association has said….” I interrupted her sermon with “So you haven’t got any then?”
The sooner Boots goes down the pan the better.

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