Thursday, November 22, 2007

day 21 still drifting west

I am looking forward to being overweight, only another 10lbs to go.
I estimate that on the present diet of Bombay Badboys and eggs I should hit this happy zone in the dietician’s visual aid in 2 weeks time. You may say, “Well whats happy about that?” Well it wouldnt be very happy at all of course if you were moving from left to right.
I do like the way that terms like obese and morbidly obese are replaced by fat and very fat. I heard Alan Carr say the other night "She was so fat they had to cut her out of a hoola hoop"

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Icedink said...

As someone walking the tightrope between overweight and fat (and about to topple off into "fat") you have my deep sympathies.

Just eat and be happy, but try to lay off the cheese and biscuits before bed.