Thursday, November 01, 2007

The prisoner

Llangoed Hall which is just down the road to us was designed by one Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and by chance this week we visited Port Meirion for which he is much better known. Beautiful situation above the estuarine sands that Patrick McGoohan many times got to before being suffocated by the big white aggressive balloon which pursued him in the Prisoner. Here is a picture of me seated on what is definitely not a themed alfresco toilet but rather a kind of shelter.


FBT said...

has anyone ever told you you look a little bit like Ted Hughes? - a giant Ted Hughes in Lilliput

MacDuff said...

No - but often they say 'You remind of that fellow.... er ...what is his name, Ive forgotten?' when they say this I know that they have that second realised it is Dalziel the fat detective who fiddles with his parts a lot and they immediately feign memory loss before its too late.

Julie said...

Is that Jesus?

And did you know that your blog is actually worth $564.54 - and that adding the forward slash at the end of your URL is to arrive at this new figure? :-)

MacDuff said...

I dont think its Jesus the guide booklet doesnt mention it except to say that it is a tollhouse. I cant recall Jesus having any associations with toll houses but I know nothing.
Also I just tried the forward slash but nothing happened.