Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Too old for comics

Lately I have been harassed by some comic readers . For some reason Stumblesent me to a comic strip and all I did was ask somebody to explain the joke and mentioned that I had to look up eviscerate in the dictionary. The line I like most in this little encounter is from a comic reader who urges her fellow literati to ‘stop feeding the Troll’ -meaning me I presume. Blow me down if the next thing I read is Icedink writing about eviscerated and headless deer. At least I didnt have to use the dictionary this time.


Icedink said...

Word for the day: rodomontade

MacDuff said...

I like that one, after looking it up, it sounds like its meaning.
"For goodness sake Henry will you cease this interminable rodomontade?"