Friday, September 14, 2007

Chartered Insurance Institute

I forget I write these things - a letter to Insurance Age in 2005. Not terribly exciting but I would like my vendetta against the C.I.I. to have maximum affect and so repeat it here.
I stumbled accross the professional body of the Animal Aromatherapists last week.
Professional these days just means you get paid for it.

I heard a shelf stacker in Sommerfields the other day taking some stick for not being professional with the baked beans.

The CII is no longer professional in the original sense but just as money grubbing as the rest.

I had a leaflet from them this week offering me up to 23% off of technical lectures as a member of the CII. 23% - not 50% or 60%.I felt like writing back and saying make it 24.6% and youve got a deal.

I may be going mad but I was reminded of the great Jean Brodie when summoned to attend the headmistress at something like 3.15 pm.

"She seeks to intimidate me in quarters of an hour".

Because CII these days are so completely in the Thrall of the marketing scientologists I bet that 23% was carefully chosen. 50% or 60% or even 25% is a bit too cavalier but 23% suggests to all but the most ungrateful that we have carefully considered every aspect of our costs and can shave it right down to 23%.

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Simon said...

They have to pay wages and run the exams and do whatever else they do so you would expect them to be charging something! You would also expect non members to pay more I'm sure! Agree 23% could easily have been 20% or 25% - at the end of the day, as a charity, you would expect them to cover their costs.

MacDuff said...

They are not a Charity so far as I can see, they are not registered with the Charity Commissioners, only their prize fund and the accounts on that are well behind- it would be interesting to get a look at their real accounts and the full extent of their rip off.