Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another let down

Had a good visitor to my blog today from Serbia & Montenegro – but he didn’t stay long.
He got their via Google search engine which threw up my blog as likely to be of interest to him.
On one page I described how a couple of medics had attended my wifes uncle, taken ill in Church and said to him “Obviously you didn’t pray loud enough” to which the Vicar interjected at once “What do you mean – he’s alive isn’t he?”
Also on the same page was my collection of interesting names including one ‘Nigel Titt’. Somewhere else on the page the adjective big .
The curious Serb was seeking more information and what he had typed into the Google search was Big Titt Medics.
I am a constant source of disappointment to people.


Icedink said...

isn't it marvellous when that happens? i once had someone drop by who was searching for "volvo with a gun turret".

FBT said...

the only problem with your blog is that you do not post very often

MacDuff said...

Icedink is risen from the grave!
fbt - I can see that you are practised in giving appraisals!

FBT said...

now that I am back in the UK I often feel like saying to my staff, the only trouble with your work is that you don't do it very much...

MacDuff said...

If the efficiency of a company is about maximising output and minimising input then in an enterprise of one -a big fat salary for little or no work is the hight of efficiency. In my case Ive got the input side just about right its the fat salary that has always eluded me.