Thursday, September 20, 2007

Disposing of mental Junk

(Have a look at the clips wine tasting)

I am hoping to keep out from my head permanently the names, faces doings and sayings of all members of the present government. At the moment I remember, always with a start, that Brown is the Prime minister. I am confident though that I can unlearn this fact before he becomes truly embedded. I know there is some woman who is the Home Secretary but what her name is and what she looks like and what she thinks and what she does I am proud to say that I have already forgotten. That fellow Darling might prove a tougher problem solely because of his name which is by far the most important thing about him – I will have no trouble with what he says and does it is easily forgettable.
In the 1960’s there was that judge who famously enquired during a trial “Who are the Beatles ?” It was generally assumed that this was an affectation on his part. However I now see that it almost certainly wasn’t. I am pleased to genuinely fail to recognise nearly all celebrities, all footballers other than the unavoidable Beckham and all pop singers. I am now turning my active inattention to the government and anticipate no problems.

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