Thursday, June 15, 2006

Call of Duty

We had the Mothers Union round to our house on Tuesday for a meeting.
This is a very good Christian organisation for women.
Unusually the leader of the group engaged in some kind of semi scripted exercise which involved asking the members. “What is the biggest gift you have received?”
Nobody spoke and so my wife Ann to be helpful replied ‘A bicycle’.
This was duly acknowledged and then one other of the group volunteered the probably more sought after answer “Well I suppose the gift of life”.
I was on the computer killing Germans while this was going on.


MacDuff said...

PS I should point out, in these politically correct times, that men can apparently join the Mother's Union. No I do not intend applying for membership.

FBT said...

I once knew a girl who would gather her group of (male) acolytes around her, lean forward, squeeze her breasts together and earnestly inquire of them (the acolytes, not the breasts) what she should do because she believed that she had met Christ. Not metaphorically. In person. In the form of some beardy-weirdy that she had met in Bali during her gap year.

"See a psychiatrist?" I suggested. I was not invited back.

MacDuff said...

None of that sort of thing goes on in Mothers Union I am glad to say.

Caerphilly said...

Is it still politically correct to kill Germans? I thought it was only the French that are still allowed.

I recall my mother going to something called Young Wives back in the early 60s. She learned how to make raffia lampshades and magazine racks made out of something or other a bit stronger. Another old family friend, long-since departed this world, went to something called Toc H. I have no idea what is was or indded is. I am surprised that even some of these organisations survive in this world but anyway, horray for the Mothers' Union.

icedink said...

this may be useful in illuminating the Toc H movement.

MacDuff said...

Yes icedink that was illuminating - and it is good that these organisations do continue to exist.
On the subject of the Great War any idea why the war memorial in Llandrindod Wells commemorates the Great War 1914 -1919?
Were there Germans needing winkling out of Mid Wales that took another year?

Caerphilly said...

Well I never knew that. Thank you, icedink. Our old family friend, Ken Bevan, came from Knighton. Lovely old man and certainly would have been old enough to fight in the Great War.