Friday, June 23, 2006

Pork Sushi

They say we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.
I think I might just have.
My son at 15 marinated some chicken.
I came home from work as he was going out and he said to me.
“There is some chicken in the fridge you can have”.
When he’d gone I took out the chicken and ate some.
It tasted lousy but as he had made it specially I persevered but even so gave up half way through the dish.
When he came back late at night he asked me if I liked the chicken.
I lied ‘yes but I couldn’t eat it all’.
He went to the fridge and saw the remains.
“You did cook it?” he asked nervously , and I swiftly realised my error.
My sausages arrived from France at last.
I began eating a long thinnish one at the beginning of the week.
It smelled disgusting and wasn’t very pleasant but nevertheless I ate my way through about a fifth of it.
Today I fried the rest and it tasted quite good, quite civilised.
Here is a picture of the wrapper. I cant see anything to suggest that I shouldn’t have eaten it in its original form but I know more sophisticated pallets than mine occasionally drop by here so perhaps they could pass judgement.


icedink said...

Have you, by any chance, tried steak tartar? I wouldn't recommend that either. I did, though, once munch through some revoltingly undercooked cod (more or less raw, actually) just to please somebody who was munching though her portion just to please me. The lesson, I guess, is that humans can mislead each other even in the most mundane matters.

MacDuff said...

No never tried it and cant say Im tempted!. I was once embarrassed in a restaurant by a colleague who when the waiter asked him how he wanted his steak said "Just cut its tail off and wipe it's arse".

icedink said...

Revolting, but also a certain style.