Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From your Dance Critic

Here is a picture of a Welsh Dance troupe that accompanied us on the ‘twinning’ to Brittany. They looked pretty good but the jigging didn’t strike me as ‘Welsh’ – not that I would know anything about it. It seemed to me rather like something contrived –‘this is how we would imagine Welsh dancing to be if there were such a thing’.The Breton dancing though really did feel as if it had been around for centuries evolving like one of Darwins finches in the isolation of an enclave.


Neutron said...

LOL! Nail on head etc...that is the main problem with British traditional culture stuff...it looks so contrived.

I've been to folk festivals in Greece Portugal Sardinia Germany etc where the people - yound and old - simply come along, sing all their old songs and dance all their old dances and have a bleeding good time. We can't do anything like that in the UK

MacDuff said...

Yes I see what you mean.

Caerphilly said...

It could have been worse. It could have been an entire eisteddfod.