Sunday, July 09, 2006


Called in at Leigh Delamere motorway service station on the M4.
A one litre bottle of still water to 'take away' was very finely priced at £2.07.
Obviously £2.00 was insufficient to provide a profit and required a careful balancing of the forces of supply and demand to get it right.
Meanwhile in Builth Wells yesterday the petrol station puts its price for a litre of petrol up to £1.01. I think though I can rely upon upon the thrifty spirit of the Radnorshire people to jerk quickly on the choke chain of demand and bring this impudent cur to heel.


icedink said...

There are certain things that are just not done, and I think charging more than a quid a litre for fuel is one of them. I am paying 94.9 per litre for diesel just now at Asda on the Isle of Dogs. It's the cheapest place i can find it between work and home. Why country filling stations charge more I just cannot imagine. I supppose the fuel distribution companies would say it has to do with "additional costs", but what are these additional costs, exactly? As to the water, that's just ridiculous. Usury. I bet it was too gasy and induced a burp at an unwelcome moment.

MacDuff said...

Round about 98p per litre is this best i can get in a 20 mile radius of here.
I refused to buy the water and the hallucinations/ mirages began to ease off a bit by the time we got to the Seven Bridge.