Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Working from home today. Its 5pm and Ive done bugger all. Have just drunk a pint of John Smith bitter and pointed the camera out of the window next to the desk where I am supposed to have been working.


Humour and last laugh said...

"suppose to have been working." In France recently a book was published about how to do the least possible work at your job and get away with it, as I learnt from a newspaper.

MacDuff said...

If a business puts in less effort for the same rewards then that is regarded as being efficient. I was extremely efficient yesterday. I am glad to see that all those newspapers you have in Nepal sometimes come up with something useful in their words rather than the shade they provide.

Neutron said...

Ahh...with this I can really empathise. Sounds like me except I would have been drinking a half litre of Munich's best "Augustiner".

The problem is when you're freelance and have days like this...ah bollox!