Saturday, July 15, 2006


Here is an automated email Ive had from the Downing Street website in response to the message left below.

Dear Mr Mcleod

Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister which you sent through the Downing Street website ( need to confirm that we have your correct details and that the message shown at the bottom of this email is from you.
Click on the link below to confirm your message.Once you have confirmed your email, your message will be passed to Downing Street staff to read. Although the PM is unable to answer emails personally, all your messages are read and the PM is given a report on the issues raised, along with a selection of messages.
The Number 10 Web Team
Here is the text we received:
RE: The sale of honours
Dear Prime Minister,
Could you let me know the cheapest honour youve got - not counting your
own of course.
best wishes

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Humour and last laugh said...

Irony. but ha..ha.