Friday, July 21, 2006

Last Post

The next post I make here will not be sarcastic, ‘negative’ or heavily ironic.
I may be away for quite a while now trying to get myself into an appropriate mood to produce such a thing
Look back at Christmas time if its going to happen at all it must be by then.
So for the second time I say “I am just going outside and may be some time”

Scott of the Antarctic “ Quick lock the bloody tent this time”


MacDuff said...

Since I am not going to post again I will have to say this via the comments box. At the school I went to, Brockley County, South East London, there was a chap in my class who had no noticable ability in the sciences or the arts, no good looks, no ability in games of any kind, no sense of humour and no discernable personality. His name was David Varney and I see in the paper today that he has just given up his job as head of Inland Revenue to go and work as adviser to Gorden Brown.
For Gods sake dont vote labour next time if you are not already cured.

icedink said...

I am cured. Hope you'll be back soon.

FBT said...

good to discover that total nonenities can eventually through sheer tenacity inveigle themselves into positions of power. I expect Gordon will be giving me a call any day now.

Newsandseduction said...

Your comments are awaited, if you do not intend to post till christmas. the one on the top here takes away the breath.